We begin by mapping out your new brow design with makeup and use various measuring devices to create ideal symmetry between both eyebrows.  Over 5 years of micropigmentation experience and continuing education play a crucial role in choosing the correct blade/needle size for each clients specific skin type as well as correct colour choice for each skin tone.  We can also test colour choice against your skin so you can see it prior to the Micropigmentation.  A numbing solution is used during the procedure to ensure the appointment is as comfortable as possible for the client
​The 1.5 hour appointment is extremely interactive to help keep clients nerves at rest.  My clients have access to a mirror throughout the entire appointment to check in and watch the process whenever they would like to.  Healing is a simple process.  There is no scabbing, no need to hide or take time off work, no down time at all.  I send clients home with a moisturizing ointment to apply throughout the following 10 days.